Welcome to the Scottish Terrier Club of the Piedmont

We are a club that supports, loves and admires the “Go anywhere, Do anything dog” – the Scottish Terrier.

We are an official AKC Club and affiliated with the Scottish Terrier Club of America.

Originally the Scottish Terrier Club of Western Virginia, our Club changed its name in 2019 to the Scottish Terrier Club of the Piedmont and became more centrally located in Winston-Salem, NC, to be convenient for members in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Our goal is to introduce you to a fun, energetic, smart, loyal and playful breed; and create opportunities for you and your Scottie to make friends; enjoy dog shows and compete for championships; and support the longevity and health of a breed that has been in existence since the 16th century.

We are a club for all owners of Scotties. You don’t have to show or compete with your Scottie to join us for meetings, events, education and to have fun with others who love their dogs.

Our Club promotes and encourages breeding to the AKC Standard so that we maintain the health and temperament of the breed.

We host one national Specialty Show, Sweepstakes and Supported Entry in November each year in conjunction with the Furniture City Kennel Club Show in Winston-Salem, NC. This show attracts nearly 1,000 all-breed dogs and is one of the best-run, most enjoyable shows on the East Coast. All the Scotties who want to be seen are there!  

We also host educational meetings that give you the opportunity learn about Scotties, their care, and grooming and much more.

We aim to have a good time! We delight in knowing and loving our Scotties and wish to share that enthusiasm with the world, so follow us on Facebook for regular updates.  

We invite you to become a member of our club — as an Associate Member or Full Member. Click here to learn more.


JULY 20 & 21, 2019


Winston-Salem, NC

World-renowned Grooming Experts Charla Hill & Kari Hill and Pet Groomer Jill Mashburn. Learn to groom like a pro!

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november 8 & 9, 2019



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